At KARP, we pride ourselves in being able to educate individuals about radon and its harmfulness. Most often, we hear three myths passed around:

MYTH #1: Scientists aren’t sure radon really is a problem

FACT: Although some scientists dispute the precise number of deaths due to radon, all major health organizations (like the Centers for Disease Control, the American Lung Association and the American medical Association) agree with estimates that radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths every year. this is especially true among smokers, since the risk to smokers is much greater than to non-smokers.

MYTH #2: Radon testing is difficult, time-consuming and expensive

FACT: Radon testing is inexpensive and easy – it should take only a little of your time.

MYTH #3: Radon test kits are not reliable and are difficult to find.

FACT: Reliable test kits are available through the mail, in hardware stores and other retail outlets. Call your state radon office for a list of test kit companies that have met EPA requirements for reliability or are state certified.

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